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It’s Over!

Done. Finished. Complete.

What am I talking about? My portfolio. It’s done, ready to go, at least to be turned in for a grade. I had minimal mishaps (random boogers of spray mount that came off easily, an accidental cut through the middle of a page, etc…) I was so freaked out… so much stress, gone.

I was fully prepared for tonight’s onslaught of achey thumbs, back, and numb legs. I bought 15 boards. Dirk gave us all an extra 8. Total amount of boards used: 10 So, do the math. 15+16-10=21. Yup, that’s how many boards I have left. We need 8 boards for the senior portfolio show. Dirk gave us those boards too. I still have 21. I also have 1/2 a pad of bristol + a brand new one. I also have 40 grommits left for my grad. announcements. Total time to execute: 3 1/2 hours including the hour I took to shower, clean up, and wind down.

I seriously can’t feel my legs anymore; I don’t think the body was meant to stay hunched over for 3+ hours. I’m surprised it didn’t stick that way. From my freshman year at Tech to now, I have had no feeling in the back of my neck from said position, but now I’m really feeling it in my back. Maybe after the semester is over, I can start a routine of stretching each morning. Ahhhh (calming ahhh, not screaming) the end is near. 4 1/2 years of pure party drunken bliss… and I never got to be a part of it, ha.

Why am I still awake? Well, I’m kinda excited about being finished with a huge project. Either that or it has something to do with the full pot of coffee I chugged. At that point, I didnt’ bother to put anything in it. It is now almost 4am… better than I expected in the time-management department.

I must sleep finally, for I still have a screen print to work on and 2 (1/2–printmaking test is for cheese) tests left. Plus, I’ve got to re-mount 8 boards of my choice for the show, plus possibly construct a package and remake a small logo book.

Good morning all, I’m finally hittin’ the pillows.

…now that I’ve posted to facebook, myspace, and now wordpress.


Oh dear…

Oh dear indeed…

It’s 12:46 in the morning and I’m wrestling with the will to do homework…

I mean, my class is at noon, and I can do this in the morning, right?

Good grief who am I kidding? I think I’m getting tired of designing things that I’ve already designed… such is the life of developing my portfolio. I’m about to start my 5th out of 6th redo: The New York Times magazine… I had enough trouble with this design when did it for publication, and now I get to tweak it yet some more. Yea, more hair falls to the floor. I do agree, however, that a rat tail on a plate was a bit gross… I could get my point across with something less…dead. Bleh.

Anyway, not really thinking about that at the moment… kinda thinking about other things. My litho needs to be finished, etched, and printed by Tuesday. I have an Art History paper (8 pages) due on Monday via email. And then I get to eat turkey. Yea turkey, even though I have to go through hell to get turkey. “I have to go through hell to get turkey…” That should be a t-shirt.

It’s time for a break. Especially since I’m going to scramble like a dog with worms to get everything perfected, mounted, labled and such before the 6th of December… Can’t believe it’s so close. Aaahrrrgh. Like a pirate. I’m out of juice…I’ve been out of juice for a while, but surprise myself with how long I can run on fumes.

I “broke up” with a friend today. Yup. Did it like a typical asshole too. Left a facebook message-a long one too. Can’t ride the rollar coaster anymore, I said. Stop taking advantage of me, I said. Yup. I feel strongly abot it too, no regrets as of yet.

Anyway, I either need to get something done or go to sleep so I can do it tomorrow… but I’m watching this idiot thing on Food Network… “2 Dudes Catering.” I’m thirsty… I’ll catch you kids later.


yesh, I cleared out the “default blog” post. That is all. It’s 12 in the morning, go to sleep.